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I am SO happy you made it here! I am Taylor Patrick Isselhard (TPI), a wedding photographer in Rochester, NY. 

I come from a mixture of Irish and German decent but oddly enough hate the taste of beer. My real drink of choice is whiskey and coke or white wine. 
What else is there to know about me?

  1. I love playing pick-up basketball and golf

  2. I enjoy yoga and cycling 

  3. I am an extrovert who loves a good time with friends

  4. Ocean City, NJ is my favorite vaca spot (avid boogie boarder)

  5. I have traveled to India, Guatemala, Mexico, and about 30+ states

  6. I love Jesus and people

  7. I married my incredibly stunning best friend

  8. I have two beautiful daughters 

  9. I LOVE a good donut

  10. I have one of the greatest jobs in the world


My Family

I met my wife in 2013 after she asked me to video a charity event that her employer was hosting. I said yes because I love charity events, but also because I was interested in getting to know her more (you should have seen my face when I saw her at this event - like damn). After a few dates, I felt confident that I could spend the rest of my life with her. Her loyalty toward her family, confidence in herself, love of Jesus, and joy of adventuring were all enough for me to fall in love with this woman. In the summer of 2015, I popped the question. In the summer of 2016, we had our dream wedding. In the winter of 2018, we brought our beautiful and joyful Eveline Marie into our lives. In summer of 2021, we welcomed our sweet Adella Grace to the family. It is easy to say I am extremely grateful. These girls bring me so much joy and adventure to my life. 

My Legacy

The reason I love creating keepsakes for you is because of this woman right here, my mama. Although we always joke with her when she says "Ok time for a picture!", I am forever grateful that we take a moment to capture, freeze, and remember the most special days together as family; the moments that are only for a short time and so valuable to share. Each picture is special, unique, valuable and important. The fact that I get to freeze these moments for you is a gift that I do not take lightly. I truly and deeply care about creating honest imagery by capturing the emotion of these moments that are so meaningful to you. 

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